roof painting
roof painting

Roof Painting

From tiled roofs to sturdy Colorbond, Pure Paint offers a wide range of painting services for your home’s roof. As a house gets on in age, roofs can start to fade, leak, or just become an eyesore. Our team of roof painters at Pure Paint use the latest in paint technologies to ensure that your roof will continue to shine long into its golden years.

Roof Painting Sydney

We can paint all kinds of roofs across all suburbs of Sydney, be it terracotta tiling, concrete roofs, or Colorbond, all without major disruptions to your home life. And there’s really no question about the lasting impressions a fresh coat of paint on your roof can have. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Adds value to your home
  • Protects it from the harsh Australian conditions
  • Prevents the growth of mould and mildew
  • Adds to the overall aesthetic of your home

Friendly and Professional Service

With over a decade of experience in the business, we pride ourselves on our friendly service and professional work. Our team is fast and efficient and provides a top-quality job guaranteed. Whether your roof is beginning to fade, or you want to get your property in tip-top shape before a sale, we’re here to help.

Colorbond Roof painting

Over time and with constant exposure to the harsh Australian sun, the painted finish on your Colorbond roof can fade. The team at Pure Paint offer a painting Colorbond roof service to renew and refresh the appearance of your corrugated metal roof.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Are you tired of the existing colour of your existing concrete roof tiles? Get in touch with the team at Pure Paint to discuss options to give it a fresh and updated look through paint. Painting concrete roof tiles is a cheap and effective way to change the outward appearance of your roof tiles and give your house a fresh and vibrant new look.

The Dulux Guarantee

Through years of paint innovation, one brand has emerged as the best of the best. Dulux paints are guaranteed to withstand the Australian weather, and regularly outperform every other brand. Here at Pure Paint, we understand that you want the best quality product for your roof that is guaranteed to last. Luckily, we’re an accredited Dulux paint provider, so you can rest easy knowing your roof’s paint job won’t peel, bubble, flake, or blister.

Quality Preparation of Your Roof’s Surface

Before we even crack the lid on a new tin of paint, we ensure that your roof is primed and ready to go. That means sweeping debris and branches off, cleaning the surface with a high-pressure washer, and covering the roof in the quality Dulux sealer. It’s the little details that ensure an excellent result.

Serving Sydney roofs for Over 10 Years

We’re locals like you, and have been operating in the CBD, North Sydney, and the Eastern Suburbs for over 10 years. When it comes to roof painting in Sydney, Pure Paint are the number one in the region. So why not call us today for a quote or for some friendly advice – we’re here to help.

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